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Different Types Of Roulette Wheels

People are playing many different types of roulette in many different countries. At present, there are basically two types of roulette wheels that are popular and widely used around the world. These are the American Roulette wheel and the European Roulette wheel. Usually only one from these two types of roulette wheels will you find at a particular casino. Very rare is it for one casino to have both types of wheels.

People from all walks of life were always interested in gambling with the first casinos beginning in the 17th century. At the core of these casinos from the very beginning was the roulette game. In fact roulette was called the "King of the Casino".

The first roulette wheels had 36 number pockets only. Not until Louis Blanc, a Frenchman, came and decided to add one more pocket to the roulette wheel. Louis Blanc added a "zero". The addition of this zero to the roulette wheel vastly increased the casino odds to around 2.7%.

Louis Blanc's well-developed roulette wheel was the most widely used all over the European continent. After the wheel conquered Europe, roulette then came to America. And when the roulette wheel was introduced to America, yet another change to the roulette wheel developed by Louis Blanc's was made.

American casino operators added a second zero to the roulette wheel, and by making this they increased the casino odds to 5.4%. From then on players from around the world could now meet European and American styles of roulette wheels. The advantage of online roulette is that many online casinos offer players with different roulette tables and different styles. While in a real life casino, players generally have only one choice, the American style or the European style, depending on the casino visited. The decision was always made for the player.

The number of players playing roulette has greatly increased as well after roulette came to the Internet. There is no doubt that online gaming has helped in the popularity of roulette making it one of the giants of the online casino.

Some players like to play American roulette while majority like to play European roulette. Which ever they choose they still enjoy roulette game. Roulette's popularity increases everyday and everyday, roulette pocket millions of revenue.

It may not be "King of the Online Casino" yet, but it is still quite popular and looks to keep on growing well into the future and be introduced to a new generation of gamblers.

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