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Roilln' Roulette

Casinos are not complete without Roulette.

Rather known as one of the sophisticated games played in Casinos, Roulette still attracts people to play this.

Roulette is played at a table with a wheel and a betting area, and there are 38 symbols on the circumference of the wheel, namely one, two, three.... 36, zero, and double zero.

And for each one of these symbols, there is a corresponding pocket.

Except for zero and double zero, which are usually marked on a green background, the other symbols are on a background alternatively red and black.

The wheel rotates around a vertical axis and is located in a shallow bowl with a wall curved towards the inside.

The wheel and the bowl are so designed that a small ball can be spun on the inside of the wall, without flying outside, and such that after several rotations, the ball will finally drop into one of the pockets.

It serves no practical purpose, even for the player who has never seen a Roulette table, to describe further the shape and construction of the wheel.

One or two Casino employees (called dealers or croupiers) direct the game at a Roulette table. The wheel is given a push in one direction and the ball is spun in the opposite direction.

Once the ball drops, for example, on nine, we say that the outcome of the spin is nine.

Some tables have two betting areas with the wheel placed in between. Such tables are worked by two or three dealers.

Both betting areas, or only one, may be open---depending on how many players are at the table.

Once the ball, spun by the dealer, lands in one of the pockets on the circumference of the wheel, every bet on the layout either wins or loses.

Of course, this depends on the outcome of the spin. The players may place new bets as the previous bets are removed and until several moments before the ball drops in a pocket.

Thus you may make bets even after the ball has been spun. However, how long you will be allowed to wait before placing your bet will generally depend on the dealer.

When you make a bet using currency, one of the dealers will often remove it and replace it by chips. Two types of chips are allowed at a Roulette table.

First, the usual casino chips, the same as you use at a Blackjack or Craps table. These chips have their value marked on them and can be exchanged for cash at the Cashier's cage.

Then, we have the special Roulette chips. These chips have all the same size and design, but may be of different colors.

In fact, on each table close to the wheel, there are several sets of chips of different colors.

In fact, on each table close to the wheel, we can see several different sets of chips of different colors.

No two players at the same table may have Roulette chips of the same color.

You buy Roulette chips at the table you want to play, and they are usually sold in stacks of twenty.

It is important to remember that these chips cannot be used anywhere else in the Casino, except at the table where you bought them, and that they cannot be cashed at the Cashier's cage.

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