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The Truth about Roulette Signatures

Roulette players, especially those who frequently visit land based casinos, will always mention roulette signatures as professional players keep looking for it.

However, are roulette signatures for real or reel?

Also what does roulette signature exactly mean and if it exists, how does it affect your game?

To illustrate, when the roulette dealers start the pace of their game, they will pick the ball from where it last landed the same way for each game. Then they will spin it the same way for each game with the same intensity. The result is that the ball will spin the same number of spins and it is expected that it will land on the same number of pockets that are away from the last spin.

The process that is unconsciously done to place the ball in a specific decision but in a distance from the last spin is commonly known as the dealer signature.

Roulette experts are divided on the issue of roulette signature. Some will agree that a roulette signature is present as the dealers themselves unconsciously do it.

However, there are roulette experts that will contradict the issue of roulette signatures. Some say that there is no exact way to deliver the ball in the same speed and distance plus the fact that the rotors spin changes over time so it is impossible to develop consistency for each game.

Fallacy or fact, roulette signatures are one of the most interesting topics when you are playing roulette.

Of course, no one can exactly follow the roulette dealer for each spin he takes in the casino. And if the dealer really has a roulette signature, chances are he will stop it definitely, when he knows that you are observing his spinning style.

In the end, if the dealer really has a signature, then they would be exploited in a long term and short term basis. Players would often go to casinos to observe and use it to their advantage.

But if roulette signatures do not exist, it will be better.


Simply because roulette is an exciting game and we keep spinning the wheel not just because of the prize money but mainly because of the excitement, it brings to us as we keep on waiting and guessing where the ball will land.

So even without roulette signature, the roulette will always be the most exciting and the most favorite game for all times.

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