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The Simplest Guide to Playing Casino Roulette

In a casino the roulette game is very exciting to play and yet not at all challenging. If all you wish is for pure fun without any stress from being expected to handle the pressure (as you would be in poker), playing the casino's roulette wheel is indeed ideal for you.

Start by verifying whether the casino's roulette wheel is American (with a double zero on the wheel) or European (just a single zero in the wheel). Always play the European wheel; it's for your own good.

Next thing to do is ask the casino roulette dealer how much the minimum bet is for the table. The minimum bet amount differs from one table to another so you should choose one that matches exactly your playing style and budget.

When purchasing chips, you should inform the casino roulette dealer what denominations of chips you wish to have. After that, you will then be given your own specially colored chips. None of the players should own chips that have the same colors as yours. You'll learn why this color scheme is very important later on.

The casino roulette dealer will then say "Place Your Bets" and this is the signal that all players have been waiting for. It's now time to make your bet!

If you go for an inside bet, you're facing higher risks of losing but higher payoffs if you win. A straight-up bet is when you pick out just one number from the wheel. If you win, you get to enjoy an 18 to 1 payoff! Inside bets allow you to pick up to six numbers.

Outside bets are made up of pre-chosen groups of digits like High Numbers (19-36) or Dozen (1-12, 13-24, 25-36). Payoff is 2:1 if the wheel spun out a number that belongs to any of the groups you've selected.

When you've decided what bet you wish to take, place your roulette chips on the assigned slot. If there's no space left, you can put your chips on top of others' chips. Your specially colored roulette chips will enable the dealer to distinguish whose bet is whose.

The casino roulette dealer will then inform the players if he's not accepting anymore bets. Then sit back and watch as the roulette wheel slows down and the ball roll to its final resting place. The dealer will then mark the slot and only then will he sweep out the chips and pay those whose bets won.

We hope you enjoyed our casino roulette guide and learned things of value. Happy spinning!

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